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Is mortgage life insurance mandatory in Canada?

Buying a home is a big deal. Experts estimate the average home price in Canada is over $700,000. That is a lot of money you’ll need to pay back over the life of your mortgage. Owning a home can be exciting as it offers you some independence, and property is a great investment, but getting … Read more

Is Life Insurance Taxable In Canada?

Whether you’ve just bought a life insurance policy or are interested in getting one, it’s natural to have questions. And one of those might be – what the tax implications are of your life insurance policy. In other words, is life insurance taxable in Canada? What Is A Life Insurance Policy? Let’s start with the … Read more

How To Compare Life Insurance

Canadians have been having difficult conversations with their family since the global pandemic hit, according to a survey by Ipsos. 56% of parents have been talking over the future of their children, debt and how secure the family finances are in current conditions. Over 25% of those surveyed said they didn’t believe their family would … Read more

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Travel supplies and luggage with "travel insurance" tag

You’re going to be travelling somewhere you’ve never been before, and suddenly a hundred questions pop into your head. Such as: will I need a visa? How do you even obtain one of those things? What if my luggage gets lost/stolen/damaged? How much should I budget for food and activities daily? The list goes on … Read more

How Much Does $1 Million in Life Insurance Cost?

How Much Does 1M of Life Insurance Cost

The answer to “What does a million dollar insurance policy cost?” is: “It depends.” Life insurance premiums are based on a number of factors. If anyone tells you they can provide you with a million dollar insurance policy without first gathering some key information about you, be very skeptical! But if you keep reading, you’ll … Read more

Converting Your Manulife Life Insurance Policy

Converting Manulife Insurance

Are you thinking about letting your term life insurance policy lapse? Have you spoken to a financial advisor or a life insurance specialist? There’s hidden value in your policy if you know how to find it. And the decisions you make when choosing your policy and managing it down the road can affect your beneficiaries. … Read more

Top Canadian Life Insurance Companies – Why use a Broker?

Why use a Broker?

We get to enjoy all sorts of benefits from living in Canada. We have freedoms and options for almost anything, and this is especially true with Canadian life insurance. We’ve compiled a list of the top Canadian life insurance companies for you. But first, let’s talk about the insurance industry and how life insurance works. … Read more

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