Individual Insurance

Life Insurance

Life Insurance pays a cash benefit to an insured person’s beneficiary.

It is critical to use a licensed, professional broker when searching for the right policy to protect your family or business. There are a few basic types of life insurance coverage.

Mortgage Insurance

For the same or lower premium, you can have your own policy instead of being part of the lender’s group contract.

Our brokers will find you more coverage at a better price. Let us survey the entire Canadian Life & Health insurance market and find you the best deal.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness Insurance (CI) is referred to as a living benefit. It’s designed to provide a lump sum payment if an insured is diagnosed with a covered condition. Aimed at easing the financial hardships that accompany a medical catastrophe, the benefits payment can be used any way necessary to help navigate the crisis.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is pay cheque protection in case you are ever sick or injured and cannot earn your living.

It would be nice if we could save every penny we made, and nothing ever went wrong in life. Managing the financial risk of a short or long-term disability is critical to maintaining your fiscal independence.

No Medical Life Insurance

No Medical Life Insurance is a fast-growing market in Canada. Far more Canadians are wanting easy to get life insurance without a medical, lab samples, ECG, needles or other traditional underwriting requirements.

Several carriers have created very good options and this page aims to completely explain non medical life insurance and why it might be the right choice for you.