Employee Benefits

Health Insurance Survival Guide:
taking you back to basics

If you’re unsure or unhappy about the answers to any of these questions, it’s time to make a change.

Group Benefits Plan

Our rationale is simple: we are stronger together. The hybrid group-buying model creates an advantage for our customers through leveraging the power of hundreds of businesses to lower operating costs. Maintain your own unique plan design and benefits levels while smoothing the volatility risk of high claims.

Top 4 Reasons for having a group health insurance plan.

  1. Access – more benefits than an individual plan
  2. Guaranteed Insurability – no medical disclosures required
  3. Tax Efficiency – employer premiums towards extended health and dental
  4. Retention – good people are hard to find and even harder to keep

Looking to pay less for more?

You’ve come to the right place.

ASO Benefits Plan

Our Administrative Services Only plan is for the company that wants to stand on its own. A group can hire the insurance carrier to administer and adjudicate claims for extended health, dental and sometimes weekly indemnity.

If claims are lower than premiums: you get a credit

If claims are higher than premiums: you pay the difference

An ASO plan is a great fit for companies that don’t want to pay a risk charge on their benefits premiums but require the smooth processing of the plan and claims management. It is important to note that the plan member experience is unchanged.

Pension Plans

Group Retirement Savings & Pension Management Services