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The Government of Canada’s latest data, Key Small Business Statistics, shows that small businesses are the heart and soul of the nation’s business landscape. Last year, out of the 1.17 million employers in the country, 1.14 million were small businesses (1-99 employees). Less than one percent were large enterprises (500+ employees). With those numbers, chances.. More

Many people put off life insurance because they don’t understand it. Don’t worry; life insurance really isn’t complicated. As evidenced by many accounts online, life insurance is often the one thing that allows a grieving family to work through the months ahead without worrying how to pay the mortgage or where the next meal comes.. More

In British Columbia, the provincial Medical Services Plan (MSP) provides the following coverage for dental work: “Dental and oral surgery, when medically required to be performed in hospital (excluding restorative services, i.e.: fillings, caps, crowns, root canals, etc.) Orthodontic services related to severe congenital facial abnormalities.  The removal of healthy wisdom teeth, even if impacted,.. More

The life insurance profession has many reasons to be excited about the future. A larger and longer living population is increasing demand for quality retirement and life insurance advice. The times are a’ changing rapidly in this industry. Once a tried and conservative group, the life insurance industry is doing all it can to keep.. More

If you’re thinking about converting your RBC policy from Term to Permanent, it’s good to know the reasons why you should and how to go about it. Below, we are going to look at how converting your RBC life insurance policy can help ease your mind so you can relax knowing your family is financially.. More

Business continuity planning is the process of preparing for future events that can cause an unexpected business interruption. For example, let’s say your startup took off and your company was successful from the get go. Now it’s two years later and you’ve expanded across the country, and just landed the big contract everyone was waiting.. More

Being a high life insurance risk means that life insurance will cost you more, but it doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for affordable rates. Life insurance companies base their rates on how risky you are to insure (the likeliness that you will die and they will have to pay out the death benefit). It’s not.. More

Pacific Blue Cross, a leading health benefits company, has recently developed a free online tool to educate consumers and help them perform a cost comparison search of prescription drugs quickly. Consumers can now easily see which pharmacy charges the least for their prescription. The high cost of prescriptions is what drove Pacific Blue Cross to.. More

Life insurance for union members protects the lives of all the hardworking individuals that work to raise educated citizens, assist our government in doing it’s job, and provide what’s necessary to keep out cities and towns safe. If you belong to a union, you probably have life insurance already; but it likely isn’t enough. This.. More

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