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When the announcement came that changes to the Tax Act would shake up income sprinkling and passive income in a way that was disadvantageous to business owners, the reactions were swift, emotionally charged, and very divided. Those that were building a business to generate wealth for their family and their future generations were outraged.  Those.. More

The Government of Canada’s latest data, Key Small Business Statistics, shows that small businesses are the heart and soul of the nation’s business landscape. Last year, out of the 1.17 million employers in the country, 1.14 million were small businesses (1-99 employees). Less than one percent were large enterprises (500+ employees). With those numbers, chances.. More

We are all familiar with life insurance, where the beneficiary receives a sum of money when the life insured passes away, but not as many people are familiar with how critical illness insurance works. Critical Illness Insurance 101 Critical illness insurance (CI) is a lump sum cash benefit that is paid to the insured when.. More

Statistics Canada’s latest data on smokers shows an encouraging trend. Since 2010, the amount of smokers in Canada dropped from 20.8% to 18.1%. This downward trend is great news because smoking adversely affects every part of the body. Why is Smoking So Risky? Tobacco contains more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are known toxins… More

Instant online quotes for term life insurance are a great way to get started on the insurance protection you need. By filling out an interactive form with your age, gender, province, smoking status, term, and amount of coverage required, you get competitive quotes from several different Canadian underwriters. It is important to remember, however, that.. More

You may think the main risk to your small business, partnership or corporation is the unexpected death of the founder or key person, but there’s another risk you may not have considered. While the death of a shareholder or key person is tragic and presents a number of challenges, the same situation exists with a.. More

Do you have enough life insurance? More importantly, how do you know if you have enough? The right amount of life insurance differs for everybody.  In order to figure out how much life insurance is enough for you, consider the following: Risk factors to consider with life insurance The first step to figuring out how.. More

Many people put off life insurance because they don’t understand it. Don’t worry; life insurance really isn’t complicated. As evidenced by many accounts online, life insurance is often the one thing that allows a grieving family to work through the months ahead without worrying how to pay the mortgage or where the next meal comes.. More

What is underwriting? It is an important part of the life insurance application process where the insurer (aka the underwriter) accepts the financial liability of your death and assigns a premium to the risk. Underwriting is used to evaluate the insurance company’s risk of loss. Here is how underwriting works during the application process: An.. More

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