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Looking for a getaway outside of your home province? Travel is exciting, but many unexpected situations can arise on your trip. Injury, health concerns, trip interruption or lost baggage can put a financial strain on you and your family if you’re not prepared. Travel insurance provides you with accident and emergency medical coverage anytime you are outside of your home province in Canada or outside of Canada in another country.

Get The Protection You Need With
Travel Insurance

Many unexpected things can happen on your visit to another country. You could need treatment for a cold, have your flight cancelled, or lose your baggage with all of your possessions. These incidents could leave you vulnerable both personally and financially. Travel insurance will help cover any unexpected finances that may arise when you are outside of Canada.
Travel insurance coverage usually covers:
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption (e.g., airline delays)
  • Baggage loss
  • Medical emergency fees (e.g., hospitalization, procedures, medication, etc.)
  • Virtual care (i.e., toll-free virtual medical services)
  • Death
Shelter Bay can help you receive worry-free coverage for your trip outside of BC. Contact us today for more details on how a broker can help you.

Cover Your Emergency
Medical Expenses

If an emergency happens when you’re away, you will have to prepare for the additional cost of hospitalization, medication and other care services provided. These costs can be incredibly high. Travel medical insurance can provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of any situation.

It is strongly advised that you purchase travel insurance for any vacations outside of your home province and outside of Canada, especially for medical purposes. Residents of British Columbia can not use their provincial coverage in other provinces or out of Canada.

Why Purchase Additional
Health Insurance

Almost every travel insurance policy has its limitations—some of which may leave you and your family vulnerable in a foreign country . This could mean you might be required to pay for medical costs like ambulance service, emergency medical care, and medical services out of pocket. It’s always best to know you’re covered with additional out of province travel insurance coverage.
Our insurance company has access to policies that provide quality coverage. You could qualify for coverage for trips outside of Canada whether you are unvaccinated or fully vaccinated and have pre-existing conditions.
Contact us today for more information on travel medical insurance. We can help BC residents purchase coverage for their next trip outside of the country.

Choose The Travel Insurance
That Works For You

As insurance brokers like Shelter Bay, we don’t work for a single insurance company—we work for you. You can trust that our business will help you buy travel insurance that works for you and only you. Whether you want trip interruption coverage, a policy with a high deductible, or coverage for multiple trips or single trips, we can help you. We offer service to everyone whether you are looking for essential or non-essential travel. Contact us today to learn more.

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