Comox Term Life Insurance

While some of us like to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, others prefer to live on the edge of adventure. Although term life insurance is a great idea for everyone, it’s a must for thrill-seekers and adventure; particularly those who enjoy the best of both worlds, like they can in Comox, B.C.

Comox, B.C. is an easygoing seaside town for vacationers looking for rest and relaxation but it also offers adventure for those who love outdoor activities – wilderness experiences, communing with nature, camping/hiking, mountain biking, diving, rafting, back trail hiking, and zip lining. For these individuals, term life insurance is an added safety net.

Although Comox vacationers can minimize injuries with safety measures and learning all they can about the area, accidents can and do happen. Purchasing a term life insurance policy will protect your loved one’s financial future if this happens.

Comox Term Life Insurance – What Does it Cover?

Term life insurance pays a benefit in the event of the insured’s death during a specific term; after the term expires, so does the life insurance unless it is renewed. This is different from permanent life insurance, which lasts until the policy owner dies or reaches a certain age.

Comox Vacationers – The Security of a Term Life Insurance Policy

Wouldn’t you be more comfortable engaging in extreme outdoor activities if you had the protection of a term life insurance policy? If you plan to enjoy what Comox, B.C. has to offer this tourist season; you may want to consider getting a term life insurance policy.

Whether you plan to cross things off your bucket list during your Comox vacation, or if you engage in thrill-seeking activities as a hobby, or live in Comox, term life insurance will give your family a safety net in case something goes wrong. Many people don’t take this aspect of life seriously, although term life insurance coverage is affordable.

Comox Term Life Insurance is for Everyone

Thus, a term life insurance policy is ideal for everyone – those who love adventure, and those who don’t. In fact, the most risk lies in not having term life insurance. Everyone should plan and be prepared for the future.

Can You Engage in Thrill Seeking Activities and Still Get Term Life Insurance?

You can usually qualify for term life insurance, even if you were to take part in the riskier activities that Comox has to offer. However, you need to speak to an insurance broker or agent to get specific information about your situation. For example, sometimes the insurance company may charge you more based on the known risks of a hazardous activity.

Keep in mind that insurance companies have to consider their risk in giving you coverage. A life insurance broker can help you choose the best policy for you and your family.

At Shelter Bay financial Corp., we are experts when it comes to term life insurance. As a virtual brokerage, we coordinate all information, quotes and applications by phone and internet.

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