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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most affordable way to buy life insurance and commonly used to manage short term risk such as a mortgage or a young family.

A Term Life Insurance policy is always a better solution than mortgage insurance from a bank or lender Рand often costs less.

Term coverage is affordable & flexible and can be used for single and multiple life protection and is available with various options for a personalized solution.

We work for you and NOT the insurance companies – we’re independent brokers.

Count on us to create a custom plan for your individual needs and budget, which could include Term Life Insurance only or a combination of life and health protection.

The Term length is the period of time the insurance company will guarantee the premiums will change. A Term 10, would be a guarantee for 10 year and is the very least expensive way to get insurance. The downside is that you may need your life insurance for more than 10 years.

Choosing a term does not mean you are ‘locked in’ to paying the premiums for a certain number of years but it does give you peace of mind knowing your rates will not change unexpectedly during your term.

Choose from these term life options:

  • Term 10
  • Term 20
  • Term 25
  • Term 30
  • Term 35
  • Term 100 or Term Life
  • Single, Joint or Multi-Life coverage.
  • Optional Riders to enhance your protection.

Some things to consider or ask your life insurance advisor when choosing a term:

  • How long you will need the Term Life coverage?
  • Is the premium affordable and sustainable?
  • Does the insurance carrier offer fair medical underwriting?
  • Are there quality conversion privileges in the future?

As brokers, we survey the entire Canadian Term Life Insurance market for you – in fact, you can sue the form on this page to see an instant listing of prices from all Canadian carriers in just a few clicks.

You’ll be able to see the pricing and buy your coverage online in just a few minutes. We send you a link to a screen share so you can see what we see as we work through the application and ask the questions over the phone… it’s so easy.

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