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WHOLE Life Insurance


It is the very best value for your life insurance and estate planning dollars.

A good Whole Life Insurance policy will have cash values and pay dividends to the policy holder through a dividend cheque or more commonly ‘paid up’ additional permanent life insurance.


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WHOLE Life Insurance


The policy is set up so the policy holder will invest for limited number of years – 10, 15 or 20 years is typical.

Once a policy is ‘paid up’, the owner does not contribute to the policy any longer but in most cases the cash values and death benefit continue to grow year over year until a death benefit is paid to the chosen beneficiaries. The nice part of a whole life policy that the policy owner has the flexibility of choice with regards to cash values.

The values can be left in to accumulate for years and create a large benefit or they can be used to supplement retirement or invest in a business venture.

The monthly or annual investment in a whole life insurance policy in early years will be higher than the pure cost of insurance required by the insurance carrier. The additional premium is used to fund cash values for the future – you invest a little more now and have a lot more later.

If you decide to cancel or surrender – all or part of your whole life policy after a period of years, the carrier will calculate a refund based on the total investment and number of years participating in the policy. This is known as cash value or cash surrender value.

Whole Life Insurance is the perfect gift for children and grandchildren, for your own legacy planning and charitable giving.

Our advisors specialize in whole life policies for individuals, families and business owners – we will always customize a suitable plan to fit your individual circumstances.

A Whole Life Insurance
policy is essentially a tax advantaged insurance account and we can set up the cash values to grow quickly and level off or grow slowly and keep growing more year after year.

Today, Whole Life Insurance is very popular in all types of situations due primarily to the cash value and continued growth once a policy is fully owned. Very good value for policy holders with a vision to the future.