How to get Dental Insurance in Abbotsford

In British Columbia, the provincial Medical Services Plan (MSP) provides the following coverage for dental work:

“Dental and oral surgery, when medically required to be performed in hospital (excluding restorative services, i.e.: fillings, caps, crowns, root canals, etc.)

Orthodontic services related to severe congenital facial abnormalities. 

The removal of healthy wisdom teeth, even if impacted, is not a benefit. Surgical removal of an impacted third molar (wisdom tooth) is an MSP insured service only when hospitalization is medically required, due to the extreme complexity of the extraction and where there is associated pathology.”

If you live in Abbotsford, this means the provincial plan covers you for emergency dental work (for example, you are rushed to the hospital with several broken teeth and mouth trauma due to a car accident). Emergency dental work that results from neglect of oral hygiene (for example, a painful abscess that could have been prevented) is not covered.

Similarly, cosmetic dentistry is not covered unless the treatment is to correct an abnormality that is so severe that it is impacting your ability to use your mouth properly.

Services that fall outside of the MSP include routine dental work (checkups, x-rays, extractions, wisdom teeth where no severe complications are expected, etc.) and routine orthodontic work (braces, retainers, alignments, etc.).

Good dental work is not cheap. While the British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) provides an annual fee guide for dentists in the province, the suggested fees are not mandates. Dentists may charge more or less for their services as they see fit.

Typically, you can expect to pay upwards of $300 for a new patient exam, over $200 for standard cleaning and x-rays, and over $100 per filling. Crowns and bridges run into the $500 – $700+ range.

Coming up with hundreds of dollars for routine dental care, let alone the unexpected cost of braces or other orthodontic services, can seem daunting – which is why dental insurance is so important.

With insurance, there are two ways Abbotsford residents can protect their pocketbook from high dental costs:

  1. Group Insurance: Your employer’s group benefit plan may include dental benefits. Read your booklet carefully and contact your plan administrator to get an understanding of what is covered. Plans differ across providers and sponsors, so don’t assume that because you had a great dental plan with your last employer, your current plan is the same – even if it is with the same underwriter.
  2. Individual Insurance: Those without employer-sponsored coverage can purchase individual accident and sickness policies that include dental. Costs for these policies can be managed through a variety of ways, including deductibles (the dollar amount of dental expenses the policyholder pays before insurance kicks in) and co-insurance (an amount of each expense that is paid by the individual).

Getting caught with a big dental bill is painful for your finances as well as your mouth, but a little pre-planning means you can smile with confidence. Contact our office directly at 1.888.498.5288 to discuss your dental insurance needs.

After carefully analyzing your existing and needed coverage, our team will design a plan that fits the needs of you and your family.

You should never put off dental care, and with dental insurance, you won’t have to.

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