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We are employee benefit plan consultants and do things a little differently than most. We’ve created a buying advantage for our customers through a group purchasing program.Our promise is to clearly explain how benefits plans are priced and lower your premium in a sustainable way without compromising the benefits levels or service your employees deserve.

The same rich employee benefit plan you currently have at a sustainable lower cost – and helpfull friendly service. The bottom line is that more of your insurance dollars will be going to your employees.

Small and medium sized companies benefit from our volume buying program. Setting up a new employee plan or fixing an existing program has never been easier. Enjoy the benefits of bulk buying and leverage the purchasing power of many groups.

You’ll have the same advantage and influence as a very large business with many employees.

The Rising cost of employee benefit plans is alarming.

A company with fewer than 50 employees means the insurance company will charge more to operate your benefit plan.

Target Loss Ratio (TLR) is an important pricing factor that tells you the administrative load on your benefit plan – the TLR can be as low as 65% for small groups.

A 65% TLR means there is 35% overhead to operate your plan … or $.65 per dollar goes to your staff as dental and extended health benefis and $.35 goes to program overhead.

Basically, as one small company you pay ‘full retail price’ for your program.

We buy a large volume at lower rates … and you save.

Our buying program lowers the normal operating cost of a benefits plan. With our buying group your TLR is 80% (20% operating cost) and you get the same or better service, benefit levels and coverage.

Your Company is seen as a part of our large group benefit program and priced accordingly with smaller margins.

With our volume buying program, the insurance carrier takes less margin on the larger group and everyone benefits. The savings are significant.

Compare with no obligation to change.

Our group benefit advisors will review your existing plan with no obligation or expected commitment.

We’ll either reinforce the advice you’re currently receiving and your diligence will be complete – or you may see that buying better will save your company a lot of money.

Ensuring more of your premiums are go to your people and creating premium stability for years to come.

Same benefit levels – lower premiums.

Our employee benefits plan value proposition is this simple:

  • Experience – hundreds of employee benefit plans and growing.
  • Lower Price – with volume savings, up to 25% less for the same employee benefits plan.
  • Service – We have highly trained administrative staff to assist you with all questions.

Employee Benefits Consulting & Management Services:

  • Annual review of benefits relative to industry trends.
  • Independent Audit of your existing plan.
  • Contractual negotiation with insurers and tendering of group insurance contracts.
  • Cost containment strategies and alternative funding methods.
  • Employee educational seminars.
  • Plan administration support.

Serving British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

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