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Critical Illness Insurance

A healthy lifestyle is your best defense against serious health risks. However, a critical illness such as Cancer, Stroke and Heart Disease can strike any of us – at any time.

The best way to manage the financial risk of a Critical Illness is an insurance policy designed to pay a lump sum if an insured suffers a covered critical illness. The money can be used any way you need and having cash infusion really takes the financial pressure away and enables you to focus on recovery.

The majority of claims for Critical Illness Insurance are paid for life threatening Cancer. 

Did you know?

  • One in three Canadians will develop a life threatening cancer.
  • One in two heart attack victims are under 65 years old.
  • 50,000 Canadians suffer a stroke Annually – 75% will be left with a disability.

Critical Illness Insurance provides cash when its needed most. It’s a lump sum benefit paid if you suffer and survive a covered critical illness. You can use this money to supplement your disability insurance and reduce your overall financial burden.

Use the money any way you need:

  • Critical Illness Insurance can help fund a leave of absence for your spouse.
  • Reduce your mortgage, credit cards or other debts.
  • Keep your business running.
  • Maintain your independence with home or vehicle modifications.
  • Hire domestic help around the house for cleaning or landscaping.
  • Access cutting edge U.S. medical treatment.
  • Pay for family members travel expenses to be with you.
  • Lastly, with a critical illness insurance benefit you may not have to go into debt or withdraw money from your retirement savings to remain financially stable and independent while you recover.

Take the Critical Illness Insurance Quiz

  1.  Do you know of anyone who has suffered a critical illness such as Cancer, Stroke or Heart Attack?
  2.  Was the diagnosis a surprise to them?
  3.  Did the event cause emotional or financial strain?
  4.  Would money have helped?

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