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& pension

Group retirement

& pension

Retiring comfortably is something everyone strives for, so why not offer that option to your current and future employees? Finding a flexible and affordable group plan is easier now than ever before, especially with the help of our individual insurance brokers that can ensure you received a tailored plan to reach your business goals.

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Group Savings And :
Pension Plan Structures

Group Retirement Savings &
Pension Management Services

Contribution is deducted through payroll.

Employees get immediate tax relief.

Lower administrative costs and Investment

Low Management Fees

Help your employees save for retirement – many people have the best intentions but never get started on their own – when it comes off their pay cheque, they adapt.

What’s The

Right Plan For
Your Company?

The many benefits of working with an individual broker is the fact that we are able to access a variety of plans from various trusted insurance lenders across Canada. That means that we can find a solution that works best for your company and answer any of your questions along the way.

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