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Special Risk Life Insurance

We can help manage the risk and get you the insurance you need.

  • You’ve been declined for Medical Reasons.
  • You’ve been declined for Occupational Risks.
  • You’ve been declined for Dangerous Recreational Activities.
  • You’ve been declined for Travel to Dangerous Areas of the World.
  • You need a HIGH Limit for a Special Risk.

If you have been declined based on these reasons – Special Risk Life Health Insurance is for you.

Individuals that have been declined for medical reasons.

  • Transitional – for people who have lost disability coverage from a job termination.
  • Special Risk – for high risk situations that cannot use a traditional DI insurance product.
  • High Limit – for executives with large salaries not entirely covered with Employee Benefit Plans.

We will listen closely and find the best solutions for your situation – call us at 1.888.498.5288

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