Referral Programs

Community Partners Referral Program – Charitable Contribution

The Community Partners Referral Program is for local community builders who rely on fundraising and donations to support their operating costs.

Generate life insurance, health insurance and employee benefits plan referrals and receive a charitable donation of $250 for each new policy placed.

Professional Partners Referral Program – Referral Fee

The Professional Partners Referral Program is for business professionals that want to support their clients by making an introduction to an insurance professional.

The program pays a referral fee of $250 for each life insurance, health insurance and employee benefits plan placed in force.

It’s Easy To Get Started:

  1. We’ll set up a new Leadbank account and email you a username & password so you can get started sending referrals*
  2. Spread the word. Let your network know to contact you if they’re ever shopping for a policy or benefits plan.**
  3. Those interested must give consent for sharing their info and to receive a call or email.
  4. Input their information into your Leadbank account – and press SUBMIT
  5. We’ll receive a notification within a few minutes of you submitting a new referral and get to work.
  6. If a policy is placed – a charitable donation is made or referral fee will be paid.*** – ****

Leadbank is a secure online CRM database providing transparency for referral partners, while protecting client privacy.
** You must not give insurance advice of any kind if you are not a licensed insurance advisor.
*** Only one donation or referral fee is paid per policy placed.
**** Referral fees are disclosed to each client in writing before an application for insurance is submitted.

Please use our contact form to send request more information.