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Get the protection you need, when you need it. Shelter Bay is proud to offer life insurance policies to clients in the Wood Buffalo municipality and beyond. Call us today to learn more.

Prepare For The Unexpected

It is never too late to plan for the unexpected. Life insurance can ensure that your loved ones are taken care of long after you pass away. You can heave peace of mind knowing that your death benefit can support your loved ones and children.

Call us today to leave a legacy for your family. Our Alberta insurance brokers can help you find a policy that suits you best.

Shelter Bay is a trusted insurance broker in Wood Buffalo, Alberta. Call us today!

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Non-Medical Life Insurance, Wood Buffalo

Get Coverage Without The Intrusive Medical Exam

When it comes to life insurance, many people can find themselves denied due to their pre-existing conditions or complex medical history. Others may just not want to endure the lab samples, needles, and intrusive questionnaires involved in a life insurance application.

If you have been denied coverage or don’t want to complete a medical exam, you may be eligible to receive no-medical life insurance. No-medical life still offers comprehensive coverage, allowing you to protect your loved ones and assets.

Call us today to learn how you can get covered despite your pre-existing conditions. We can help clients from the Wood Buffalo municipality get the coverage that they need.

High-Risky Lifestyle Life Insurance
Products, Wood Buffalo

Life Insurance Coverage
For The Wild At Heart

Alberta is a playground for the wild at heart, so don’t let your life insurance limit how you see this dramatic landscape. We can help you secure a life insurance plan that allows you to do what you love most.

If you engage in dangerous sports like skydiving and motorbiking, you may be eligible for special risk life insurance. Contact us today to speak to one of our brokers. The next time you take to the sky or the mountains, you will have peace of mind knowing that your insurance policy has you covered.

Get Access To Life Insurance Companies Across The Country

Have you felt frustrated or limited by the little number of policies your community insurance broker can offer you? Don’t limit yourself to Wood Buffalo. Expand your horizons to Canada!

Shelter Bay is an independent insurance brokerage with access to policies from insurance companies across Canada. We can help people from Wood Buffalo and the surrounding area find a policy that works best for them. You will feel like the entire country has your back when you secure an insurance policy from one of our partners.

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Providing Insurance
Services Across Canada

Shelter Bay is an insurance brokerage located in British Columbia. While B.C. is our home, we are proud to serve Canadians in many different provinces. We are licensed life insurance brokers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. So, whether you are looking for a policy in Alberta or another city in Canada, we can help.

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