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Employee Benefits Consulting

Employee Benefits & Pension Consulting

Our team of professional Group Benefit advisors are based in Vancouver BC and work with groups of all sizes.

The approach is simple and combines a little common sense, friendly can do attitude, technical expertise and a lot of hands on experience.

From a small owner operator to a large multi – employer, employee benefits trust you can count on us for reliable, professional advice and support every step of the way.

Our Employee Benefits Consulting & Management Services:

  • Annual review of benefits relative to industry trends.
  • Independent Audit of your existing plan.
  • Contractual negotiation with insurers and tendering of group insurance contracts.
  • Cost containment strategies and alternative funding methods.
  • Employee educational seminars.
  • Plan administration support.

Group Retirement Savings & Pension Management Services

  • Expert Advice on DB, DC, DPSP and RRSP programs.
  • Independent Audit of your existing plan.
  • Ensured CAP Guideline Compliance.
  • Evaluation of fund manager performance.
  • Employee educational seminars.
  • Individual retirement planning.


Please call us toll free at 1.888.498.5288