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Critical Illness Insurance in Kamloops

Written by Shelter Bay

Critical Illness Insurance in Kamloops

Ah, beautiful Kamloops, BC!

The Thompson River and natural geographical landscape, coupled with the beautiful summer weather and access to outdoor lifestyle activities, keeps the population fit and the tourists flocking.

When you live in Kamloops, with the sun, water, sports, shops and nightlife at your door, what more could you want?

How about critical illness insurance in Kamloops?  That’s right.

Every resident of Kamloops should consider putting critical illness insurance on their to-do list  Here’s why.

Critical Illness Insurance in Kamloops Protects the Entire Family

What happens to the family if one or both parents cannot work, take care of the children, cook or drive the kids to their sports?  An illness, like cancer can derail your regular routine, significantly reduce family income or wipe out the family’s retirement savings completely.

Thanks to modern medicine and erly intervention, doctors are catching diseases earlier and Canadians are surviving serious illnesses.

That’s great news! But the bills still  have to be paid.

You can apply for a Critical illness insurance policy in Kamloops from the comfort of your home using an electronic application.  The policy  provides a tax-free lump sum of cash when you are diagnosed with a covered condition.  That means money that you can use any way you wish – specialty treatment, monthly bills, mortgage payments, time off work or funds hire a caregiver or house cleaner.

It’s up to you how you spend it.

Critical Illness Insurance for Singles

You don’t have a spouse or children, critical illness insurance may be even more important for you.  If you’re on your own you’ll need cash to get through your recovery and a critical illness policy may literally save your financial independence.

Once again, you can buy critical illness insurance in Kamloops from the comfort of your home using an electronic application.  The policy application takes about 20 minutes and once approved it can be delivered right to your inbox.

It’s the insurance protection that protects you, your lifestyle and your retirement plan – it’s not just for families.

The Best Critical Illness Insurance in Canada
The best critical illness insurance in Canada is the one you have in place if you’re diagnosed with an illness.

You’re likely already going to the gym, eating more vegetables and meditating.  Keep your health and wellness going by putting critical illness insurance in place and improving your financial wellness.

We make getting critical illness insurance in Kamloops quick and easy. We consult over the phone, via shared screen and even over text messages, so you never have to come into an office.

You are busy – we work with you and your schedule.

Get the critical illness insurance and other coverages you need by contacting us today.

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