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In the insurance industry, pilots are broken down into three categories: commercial, private and sport aviation; but, how does flying affect your chances of getting affordable life insurance? This is the question we’re going to analyze. We’re going to look at how underwriters view flying, and then we look specifically at each group of pilots;.. More

As a resident of Abbotsford the ‘City in the Valley’, choosing the right life insurance advisor and having the right coverage can make an important difference to the financial security of your loved ones and those who rely on you for financial support. Having a life insurance policy as the foundation of your financial security.. More

Have you ever had to say “My wife says I’m not allowed to ride my motorcycle until I get life insurance?” If you have, your wife is on to something and you should be grateful for her wisdom! Your wife is probably concerned about motorcycle death statistics, and she should be; but how much weight.. More

Life insurance companies want to bring their own spin to the types of life insurance they sell to try to differentiate themselves in the market place and this tends to create a lot of confusion for Canadian consumers. Ultimately, the person buying the policy wants their beneficiaries to have money if something happens to them but.. More

When it comes to protecting your family and ensuring they will not be left in a financial lurch when something happens to you, ‘No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Seniors’ is one of the most important things that you could ever consider adding to your financial plan. The problem is, when you reach a certain.. More

You must buy Life Insurance False. You don’t have to buy life insurance – there are no legal requirements in Canada. Most people buy life insurance because they love someone or owe someone. If there is anyone that would be financially impacted if you take your final limo ride then you may wish to call.. More

You may find that getting life insurance with diabetes is not always easy. Unless you can understand what exactly these underwriters are looking for, you’ll have trouble finding affordable coverage that meets your needs. But if you know the various categories that insurance companies use to assess your risk, you can work to reduce your lifestyle.. More

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