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Critical Illness

You may think the main risk to your small business, partnership or corporation is the unexpected death of the founder or key person, but there’s another risk you may not have considered. While the death of a shareholder or key person is tragic and presents a number of challenges, the same situation exists with a.. More

When you apply for life insurance coverage, many factors affect approval and how much you’ll pay for premiums. As you’re probably aware, smokers pay higher rates than non-smokers. However, you can get life insurance for smokers at affordable rates. Since all life insurers are different, the underwriting criteria and the premiums for every life insured,.. More

The life insurance profession has many reasons to be excited about the future. A larger and longer living population is increasing demand for quality retirement and life insurance advice. The times are a’ changing rapidly in this industry. Once a tried and conservative group, the life insurance industry is doing all it can to keep.. More

You may think that because you’ve had breast cancer, you won’t be able to get affordable life insurance, but you’ll be happy to know this isn’t always the case. Many breast cancer survivors qualify for coverage and probably a lot sooner than you’d think. Due to advances in treatment of breast cancer, many life insurance.. More

Business continuity planning is the process of preparing for future events that can cause an unexpected business interruption. For example, let’s say your startup took off and your company was successful from the get go. Now it’s two years later and you’ve expanded across the country, and just landed the big contract everyone was waiting.. More

One popular option, you would never get from a mortgage lender, is a term ladder or the option of layering your life insurance protection. Below, we’ll look at how you can do this in the most cost effective way. Term Life Insurance Life insurance protects you and your family from financial loss due to a.. More

Being a high life insurance risk means that life insurance will cost you more, but it doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for affordable rates. Life insurance companies base their rates on how risky you are to insure (the likeliness that you will die and they will have to pay out the death benefit). It’s not.. More

Top insurance companies are changing how they look at recreational marijuana users; and on July 7, 2016, SSQ altered their underwriting process to stop treating all pot users the same. SSQ – Now Considers Certain Marijuana Users as Non Smokers Like their competitors, for years SSQ automatically classified anyone who disclosed that they used marijuana.. More

Life insurance company underwriters consider many things when they decide how much to charge for premiums. It’s common knowledge how they view cigarette smoking, but what are the life insurance options for those who chew tobacco and smoke cigars? Generally speaking, chewing tobacco doesn’t have as many health risks as smoking does, such as lung.. More

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