Instant Life Quotes


A Career in Life Insurance can be very rewarding.

The world has changed and as a result, the way life insurance is sold and managed has also changed. Broker’s today can conduct their appointments online and leverage screen-share software to interact with clients in real time.

This means, becoming a life insurance broker is the perfect career opportunity for anyone who wants to run their own business on their own terms.

Usually, setting up your own company involves business plans, financing and research, but Shelter Bay makes it easy for you to get into the life insurance industry.

When you become an independent insurance broker with Shelter Bay Financial Corp, you get:

  • Unlimited Resource Support Through Shelter Bay and Our Partners
  • Access To All Of The Top Life Insurance Carriers in Canada
  • A Free Website – With Your Own Chosen Domain Name.
  • Lead Tracking
  • Search Engine Optimization Tips to Help You Build Your Brand
  • Business Building Tips and Support

What you bring to the table is the willingness to find and contact potential clients, your computer skills that allow you to work with clients online and to build your brand on your blog and social media channels, and your ability to study for and pass the required licensing exam.

As a broker, you are in charge of your schedule and earning potential. There are no quotas to fill and you keep 100 per cent of the commissions you earn. Your financial investment is limited. The course material (roughly $200), licensing fee in your home province (roughly $200) and required errors and omissions insurance (roughly $500).

If you have an interest in learning more about selling life & health insurance under your own company name, send us a note or call toll free to 1.888.498.5288. We would love to help you get started.

*Note: If you are already licensed and want some real help building your business, you will find our tools, resources and free advisor website very helpful.